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Agreement between User and apigang.com

User agreement of apigang.comincludes the terms and conditions of Apigang Softech to provide services to the users having intension to purchase or inquiring for any products or services by the website or any other customer interface channels of apigang.com. Any user taking services from apigang.comhas to understand the each terms of this website and has to be agreed upon it. apigang.comhas complete right to terminate the access to the website without any prior notice. The website can end any of its services or any portion of it, anytime and without notice.

Using the Services

apigang.comis no responsible for any transaction or rectification to which it is not concerned. Each user of this website guarantees to accept all the procedures and guidelines, which are modified regularly to use the services. Each user also warrants obeying all applicable laws and regulations, related to the use of the services.

User Agreement

apigang.comis not responsible for any kind of oversight, or twisting on the content of its pages or those of the linked websites. The advertisements being displayed on the website are valid for a period. Therefore, before making any use of services, find out the validity of the information provided on your own.

Modification of the Terms of Use

apigang.comhas complete right to change its 'Terms & Conditions and Terms of Use', at any point of time, without any prior notice. We advise our users to review the terms and conditions of the website whenever they are going to avail any of its services.

Personal and Non-Commercial Use Limitation

Information, images and others contents of apigang.comare its personal property and provided to you for your personal and non - commercial use only. You are not supposed to copy, distribute, modify, publish, transfer, or sell any of these creative properties.

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